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Extracts and natural flavouring

The company Trablit, in Vanves (92), offers liquid extracts, natural flavourings and flavoured pastes made from coffee or vanilla.

Trablit liquid extracts:


Since 1845, we have been selecting the best coffees in the world. Being demanding roasters, we master the assembly of raw coffee and the roasting and extraction of delicate flavours and aromas. This is in order to obtain subtle natural extracts and maintained quality (20 to 25 g per kg of preparation).


Carefully sorted and processed according to origin, vanilla pods provide natural extracts from 30 to 35 g per kg of preparation – producing an aromatic richness that no artificial product can compete with.


Flavoured Pastes "Trablit range"

We also produce flavoured pastes from carefully selected almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts. Our pastes are rolled and roasted with great care. Caramel requires especially selected sugars, caramelized exactly to the right point in order to obtain optimal flavours without the presence of bitterness.

Coffee paste, with 65% dry matter content, is ideally suited for chocolatiers.

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